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EAD provides a world-class service in consultation, design, modelling and commissioning of audio systems and acoustics.  Not limited to either one, we are professional in both system technology and architectural acoustics.  We specialise in bridging and combining these areas of expertise, to ensure, fpr example, speech intelligibility in situations where the safety and/or the function of the space depend on it.

Design is a negotiation between many requirements and aspirations. We understand this process and the roles of Architects, Engineers and Specialists.

We offer ourselves as pro-active and communicative Design Team members, highly professional in the business of inter-disciplinary working and able to set and seek common goals towards successful projects.

Our work also includes the setting and achievement of functional and aesthetic requirements in the acoustic, audio and performance technology environments, as appropriate always to the application, budget and context.

We can communicate our design intent in both functional and qualitative terms, using soundscape illustrations (‘auralisations’) to go beyond words and tables of data.  

As architecture is much more than keeping out the elements, acoustics is much more than keeping out the noise.  We believe in the positive affect of good acoustic design on the success of your project, and pride ourselves as aural aesthetes in an industry and a market that is demanding more from architecture for both its ears and its eyes.  

We never lose sight of the objectives and realities of the Client and End User, and we never consider specialist engineering to be unconnected to the array of project components needed to deliver a successful solution.  As your electro acoustic, audio or technology consultant or design advocate, Paul Malpas will engage with the Design Team and demonstrate the value to the project of the good design that emerges from interactive, inter-disciplinary working.  

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